Fresh Natural Products

Some mushrooms are special by themselves. No need for anything else to let them shine in your kitchen. Enjoy our Fresh Natural Products throughout the whole week just as you like them. Baked, boiled, grilled or even raw. It’s your natural party.

Vitamin D mushrooms

The vitamin D mushrooms from Champi Cuisine contain extra vitamin D. The vitamin D mushrooms ensure that the recommended daily amount of vitamin D (10mcg) can be reached with one portion. Click here for more information!



  • Chestnut mushrooms  with vitamin D


The chantarelle is a wild mushroom and cannot be cultivated. The chantarelle season runs in Eastern Europe from May to October. In the months of November, December and January the chantarelles are picked in Canada and from January to March the chantarelle is found in Portugal.



  • 100% Wild chantarelles