This is Champi Cuisine

We are more than your mushroom supplier

After 65 years of mushroom experience, we can definitely say that we’re mushroom specialists. With one of the biggest mushroom networks on the planet we are always informed about the latest trends and developments in the market.

We use our experience and network to create new innovative, flavourable and surprising mushroom concepts/products that will inspire you to eat healthier, ECO-friendlier and even tastier!

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~Since 1956~

Champi Cuisine is a brand developed under the umbrella of Banken Champignons Group B.V.. Banken Champignons is a modern family owned company in the food/mushroom business. A vertical integration. Involved in every link of the supply chain: from growing, picking, processing, packing and refrigerated transport up to worldwide distribution and sales of fresh mushrooms. A reliable partner with a solid logistics network: ‘ordered today, delivered tomorrow’.