Fresh mushrooms, naturally every day.

We believe that the mushroom can be used on daily basis throughout the whole day. From Monday till Sunday and from breakfast till your late night snack. To achieve this daily consumption we need to do more than just providing plain mushrooms. We need to provide you in mushroom experiences, stories, flavours and manners.

Only then can we achieve our goal: ”Fresh mushrooms, naturally every day on your plate”. Curious how we will convince you to eat mushrooms on a daily basis? Just check out our mushroom concepts!







We dream of a better world. A world where humans and nature are perfectly in balance. To create this balance, we humans need to help Mother Earth. How? Eat less meat and more plant based food. This will help reduce the amounts of CO2 & water usage of our food production. Which are the main conflicts of our environmental problems. Help Mother Earth restore and overcome, eat more fruits, veggies, plants, nuts and of course mushrooms!