Pulled & fooled you since 2019

Pulled Mushroom,
Smoked Oyster Mushrooms

be fooled

We fool everyone. No meat, no fish but 100% Pulled mushrooms. We’re not pulling your leg, we’ve done everything to surprise your taste experience.

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Our Pulled Mushroom box contains exactly what you love.  No junk , no thickeners and no weird additions that make your body unhealthy. And believe it or not: completely plant based. This box contains 2 portion packs (250g) Pulled Mushroom, 100% oyster mushrooms created with the help and craftsmanship of Slow Food Masters.

Smoked oyster mushroom?

Our oyster mushrooms are seasoned, smoked and prepared according to the Slow Food Masters principle “low & slow”. To ensure that the oyster mushrooms get their unique smokey taste, we’ve used apple wood during the smoking process. The special “Pull technique”, creates a unique texture, which looks and tastes like pulled meat.

pure in every way

The Pulled Mushroom is a vegan product which is made out of mushrooms. No soy was needed to create this beautiful texture. And because we kept it pure, there are also no allergens involved. So what’s your reason for not trying this 100% plant based goodness?


Oyster mushrooms (83%), sugar, molasses, pineapple juice, apple vinegar, vinegar, tomato concentrate, modified corn starch, glucose-fructose syrup, vegetable fibers, herbs and spices, sea salt, vegetable protein, preservative (E270), dextrose, caramelised sugar, natural flavor, smoke aroma, rapeseed oil

…And a lot of love!


1. Heat the tortillas in a pan or in an oven until they become slightly crispy 2. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan at medium heat 3. Cut the portion packs open and add the Pulled Mushroom into the pan 4. Bake the Pulled Mushroom for four minutes and deglaze with the Smokey Fruit Sauce from the package or a sauce of your own choice 5. Use half of a portion pack per wrap, place it in the middle of the wrap in a straight line and place half of the coleslaw on top of it 6. Garnish with the fresh herbs and wrap the ingredients in the tortilla.


per 100g
Fat – 0,5g
of which saturated – 0,1g
Carbohydrates – 2,4g
of which sugars – 1,4g
Protein – 3,0g
Salt – 0,2g

Shelf life: 21 days