Bello Burger


Sous-vide is the French term for vacuum cooked. The PortobelloBurgers are vacuum-packed and cooked in a water bath at 65°C. This way, natural properties such as taste, nutritional values, vitamins, texture and colour are better preserved.

sous-vide prepared
 in three flavours

What’s just a hype, and what’s a serious food trend? In mushroom terms, we know exactly which trends we can use to develop new products that will astonish the food landscape. We do our upmost to tap into Insta-feeds of the younger generation with our PortobelloBurgers

We created three different flavours: American, Italian & Jamaican. Which will marinate the PortobelloBurgers in the packaging. Each taste has an excellent recipe on the back. This gives you the possibility to try out new burgers recipes whenever you like.

Due to the sous-vide preparation and vacuum packaging our PortobelloBurgers have a 21 day shelf life. No additives are added, just spices & herbs.


Italian Spiced

Ingredients: portobello, rapeseeds oil, spice mix (vegetables (onion, garlic, bell pepper), salt, 17% herbs (oregano, basil, bay leaves, thyme, rosemary), 11% spices (nutmeg, pepper))


American Spiced

Ingredients: portobello, rapeseed oil, spice mix ((65% peppers, CORIANDER, 5% pink pepper berries, allspice), vegetables (11% garlic, 8% shallot), thyme)


Jamaican Spiced

Ingredients: portobello, rapeseed oil, spice mix, (sea salt, 28% spices (SESAME seeds, pepper, CORIANDER, chillies, turmeric, cardamom, cumin, ginger, allspice), vegetables (paprika, onion, garlic), soy sauce powder (SOYbeans, wheat, salt, maltodextrin), herbs (parsley, fenugreek (oregano), sugar, SESAME oil)