2 persons | 20 min.


Mushroom Gyros Package • 2 baked flat breads • 50 g arugula • 50 g sliced tomatoes •  50 g sliced cucumber • 20 g sliced onion • 40 g feta cheese • 40 ml Greek yogurt (olives are optional)


Place a pan on medium high heat.
Add some olive oil to the pan. Add the mushrooms and the red onion to the pan. Bake 3 min. Then, add the gyros herb mix and bake for 4 min. Finely chop the dill. Spread 20ml Greek yogurt on the top side of the flat bread. Then top the flat bread with 25g arugula, 25g sliced tomatoes, 10g onion 25g cucumber, 20g feta cheese and half of the mushroom gyros. Finally, top all with fresh dill. Ready to serve!

Serving tip: Delicious with roasted potatoes, olives and a fresh Greek salad.