Mushrooms to combine

Sometimes, compared with white mushrooms, it seems difficult to get the right combinations of etotic msurhooms for your meal. ‘Mushrooms for combining’ from Champi Cuisine is the ideal solutions. Six ready-to-eat fresh mushroom mixes, suitable to create six different healthy and fresh meals, to help you discover the amazing flavour of exotic mushrooms.

          – Mushrooms to stir-fry
          – Mushrooms for meat
          – Mushrooms for soup
          – Mushrooms for pasta
          – Mushrooms for risotto
          – Mushrooms for grill

Recipes and tips!
Each variation of ‘Mushrooms for combining’ contains a carefully selected mix of delicious familiar and exotic mushrooms. Each pack can be used in a certain type of dish. The packaging presents a recipe with some tps on how to prepare the mushrooms. An easy way to introduce everyone to the joys of the wonderful flavours of tasty mushrooms.