Fresh Meal Components

We promised you mushroom inspiration, well here you go. Our Fresh Meal Components are a helping hand towards a surprising and tasty mushroom recipe. Within a few cooking steps you can prepare a recipe that will blow your guests away, or experiment for yourself. Let’s go and discover new tastes and cooking methods!

King Oyster steaks with pesto & herbs

The King Oyster Mushroom contains minimal fat and is therefore calorie friendlier than a real steak. The pesto is made from 100% natural ingredients and contains no allergens. The King Oyster Steaks prove that mushrooms are a healthy alternative for meat. Less calories, less fat and for a better cholesterol level. With these easy to prepare vegan mushroom steaks we show the versatility of our products.



  • King oyster mushroom steaks
  • Fresh Provence pesto
  • Fresh oregano

DuoDeli: single household

Due to the massive growth of single person households, the demand for smaller packaging is increasing. DuoDeli meets those single households who need:

1. Smaller portions to prevent food waste
DuoDeli consists out of 120grams mixed mushrooms
2. Pre-sliced vegetables for easy single dish recipes
DuoDeli mushrooms are finely sliced and ready to cook
3. Small price per packaging

DuoDeli mushrooms are friendly priced for every wallet
4. An exotic mushroom to try in small amounts

DuoDeli offers 50% exotic mushrooms & 50% well known mushrooms


  • DuoDeli 50% shiitake, 50% white portobello
  • DuoDeli 50% chestnut mushroom, 50% oyster mushroom
  • DuoDeli 50% white mushroom, brown clamshell mushroom

Portobello burgers & spice mix

We know that you are picky when it comes to new products. Even at home it has to be healthier,
faster, tastier and naturally more beautiful. We believe that the simple ready-made fast food products will be replaced by better quality and healthier products with an eye on sustainability. These Portobello burgers will replace your beef patty. A super tasty meat replacement which is also healthier. Take a look on the backside of the package for the recipe.



  • Flat portobello burgers
  • Burger spice mix

Mushroom to bake; hen of the woods

The fame among the exotic mushrooms is increasing. That´s why it is important to inspire you with new cooking methods, recipes or taste experiences with exotic mushrooms. With the help of these concepts we claim to be a trend setter and not a trend follower. The ”Hen of the woods” is an exotic mushroom with superb taste when baked in the oven or on the BBQ. All the ingredients in this meal kit only need to be folded into tinfoil. Let the baking begin!



  • Hen of the woods
  • Herb butter
  • Fresh parsley

fresh soup kit: mushroom soup

The fresh meal kits have become incredibly popular. Unfortunately there are still few packages with mushrooms in the main role. This fresh soup meal kit has been developed to create more diversity between the meal kit categories. A meal kit which is packed with mushrooms. A healthy meal for 2 to 3 persons that can be prepared with minimal effort. Perfect for those who have limited time to cook healthy meals.



  • Chestnut mushrooms
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Shallot
  • Garlic
  • Mushroom broth
  • Fresh parsley